Laceration Repair Workshop

(Beginner Level)

Spend the day focusing on learning the approach to common laceration and wound management like a seasoned Emergency Medicine clinician. In this hands on course, you will learn and identify the most common types of lacerations and wounds presenting in the ER, urgent care and/or a family practice clinic.

  1. Learn and perform 5+ suturing techniques including simple interrupted stitches, continuous stitches, buried stitches, vertical mattress, and horizontal mattress.
  2. Learn about approaches to simple and complex lacerations (with irregular borders or flaps)
  3. Learn about anesthesia technique depending on the wound presentation
  4. Use various suturing materials and practice on various simulation models and items (pig’s feet, silicone model, etc).
  5. Indications for alternative closure techniques including stapling, medical adhesive glue, and other wound closure products.
  6. Proper pre-wound assessment, appropriate antibiotic usage, and post wound closure management will be reviewed.
  7. Identify which wounds can be treated and managed in your practice and which require specialist care.

There is pre-course work associated with this course and post course work to ensure mastery is obtained.

This Half Day Workshop is taught by Professor Edward Giarusso and is worth 5 CME credit.

  • Laceration Repair Workshop
    in partnership with the Urgent Care Association (UCA)
    Spring (May 2)
    Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

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