EKG and X-Ray Review

(Beginner Level)

Spend an entire day focusing on learning the approach to reading an EKG like a seasoned Emergency Medicine Clinician. As a clinician working in family practice clinics, urgent care, or emergency rooms, you will develop an understanding of which EKG and X-ray findings can be referred to a specialist the next day and which ones require immediate intervention. In this course, you will go through several team based exercises on EKG and Xray interpretation and learn systematic approaches to reading both in an acute care setting. You will review multiple case presentations and 50+ EKGs and X-rays on the following:

  1. Review on EKG basics such as EKG physiology, axis, voltage and anatomy.
  2. Common and life threatening arrhythmia's and heart blocks such as Afib/flutter, SVT, Bundle branch blocks and 2nd/3rd degree heart blocks.
  3. Various types of EKG presentations in a myocardial infarction depending on the location of the heart affected.
  4. EKG findings for various disease processes such as electrolyte abnormalities like hyper/hypokalemia, hypothermia, and more.
  5. Subtle life threatening EKG findings like pulmonary embolus, ST elevated MI, Brugada Syndrome, deWinters, and more.
  6. Identify common and life threatening diagnosis on chest including pneumonia, pneumothorax, congestive heart failure, aortic abnormalities, pulmonary embolism, and more
  7. Identify common and life threatening diagnosis on abdominal Xray including volvulus, small bowel obstruction, free air under the diaphragm, foreign body ingestion and more
  8. Identify soft tissue neck X-rays such as retropharyngeal abscess, epiglottitis, foreign body ingestion and more.
  9. Understand which findings can be treated in the doctors office and which findings require immediate ER/specialty care
  10. Understand which findings look suspicious and may require a second read or re-shoot.

The Full Day Workshop is taught by Dr. Gino Farina, MD, FACEP and is worth 10 CME credit.

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