Considering the Urgent Care Industry?

The Urgent Care industry is booming and physicians, PAs and NP's are hired at an increasing rate. There is better work-life balance than the surgical fields and generally higher pay than primary care. Clinicians who are raising a family are finding the urgent care option extremely attractive. In order to deliver the best patient experience and enhance their opportunities to join the best practices, clinicians in primary care & urgent care are seeking additional resources and education to develop or maintain the necessary skills.

Urgent Care Education & Mastery

Urgent Care Medical Summit in NYC to learn about the 16 most common issues facing an urgent care clinician. Learn from industry leaders to develop and refine your knowledge. Learn the tricks of the trade and master the art of medicine. These are tools that you can apply to your patients the next day to improve your practice quality metrics and patient outcome.

Urgent Care Procedure and Skills Workshop

The most common skills needed in urgent care are laceration repair, orthopedic splinting and confidence in reading Xrays and EKG's. Without these core skills, the chances for success and being hired in the urgent care is low. Build your foundation of core skills by taking the 2 day urgent care procedure and skills workshop (pre-conference).

The Urgent Care Bootcamp

Take the 2 day precourse workshop and the 2 day conference for a complete Urgent Care Bootcamp experience. These 4 day training program taught by our Master Clinicians Mentor is highly recommended for any new clinician starting their career in urgent care.

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